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Midnight! (Again!)

Ficcers! Drop your pens! Or, whatever. (unless of course it's not yet midnight where you are due to, you know, time differences. If that's the case then by all means, carry on.) 

I'd also like to state, just for the record, that I had my wisdom teeth out on the 31rst and write this while on Vicodin, alas, not nearly as amusing as I hoped that would make this post. Curse you lucidity! Cuuuurrrrsssseee Yoooouuuuuuu!!!

It's a milestone day!

You know, I never seem to post during a normal hour. And that is the same with my writing. 

Just to let you all know, today is the 10,000 word milestone. If you've reached this point: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE DOING A GREAT JOB AT KEEPING UP WITH THE DAILY WORD COUNT! And you're well on your way towards reaching the 25,000 mark. Keep it up! 

And if you're not: Hey, I'm right there with you. Me personally, I'm at like... barely over 3,000. There's still time to catch up! Don't worry! 18 days remain. Plenty of time to catch up. Seriously there is. 

If you're stuck at writer's block, find a friend and chat with them. They might be able to help you generate ideas and get from point A to point B in your story. Other ways would be to listen to some inspirational music, mood music--stuff that could inspire you to write dark scenes, funny scenes, sex scenes, etc.--or even a movie that has always inspired you.

One way that helps me, is sometimes roleplaying on sites like Gaia and via instant messenger. It really helps to get your mind off your current story to help you gain ideas for it. It's worked for me in the past, try it out if you want. 

Lastly, my final thought is to read a book that you could read forever. Try using an idea from there, or even imagine your characters in that situation. It might help you get the ball rolling and move your story how you'd like to. 

Well, I wish you all good luck and happy writing! I'm off to sleep... or maybe eat. 

Later days.

PS: How do you get inspired and get you out of writer's block?

Day 11?

Hey ficers! So, we've been at it for about a week and a half now, and if you're anything like me, you started the month out strong. Keeping up on your word count. A little bit ahead even. If you're even more like me, you woke up sometime yesterday morning and realized you had magically fallen about five days behind schedule. Now there's a lot of reasons this could be, but no worries,  at tis point in the game, a slow fic is totally salvageable. I end up doing the same thing at Nano. No matter how daunting the gap seems to have gotten, the worst thing you can do. The difference cn be made up. With a little determination you can eat away at the gap bit by bit, maybe writing 1,200 or so words a day instead of 807, or you can do like I most likely will: Sit down on your day off work and grind out 7,000 words in one sitting. It's actually way more fun than it sounds like! Regardless, this is about the time of month that it starts getting harder and harder to keep writing, so if you find yourself having trouble, you're not the only one. Think about hooking up with a buddy who's also doing Fanno and having a write-in or word race somewhere, or just se if they can help you talk through whatever plot problems you're having. Just stick with it, believe me, it'll get easier as the month goes on. 


P.S The above entry was 252 words. It took me about 7 minutes to write, and I'm slow in general. If you can get your inner editor to chill out, catchig up is easy! ^^
Anyone else besides me suffering from at least a small dose of Writer's block? Granted, mine is only from writing a scene at work and now having to figure out how to get there. XD 

But I've also been distracted a lot lately. >.> I bought Final Fantasy III for the DS and have been playing that along with several other video games. This probably wasn't the best month for me to decide to buy a new game and get a second job, but I need the money and I used a gift card to buy the game. lol. 

I hope you're all doing well with the daily word count. I'm keeping up although working two jobs is definitely going to cut down on my writing time. But I'll manage. This will just mean I can't do too many late nights since I have to get up and ride my bike to work. 

If you've been distracted, what from? 

Later days.

Posting Throughout the Month?

And they're off! 

Well, how's everyone doing so far? I hope you're all doing well since the start yesterday. How far did everyone get on their first day? Did you hit the daily word count and fly right past it? Or did you just stop shortly after and take a break? 

I'm gonna get to the point of this message rather than just ramble on. 

Some of you might want to post your story throughout the month so that others can read it and just be craving more. There are a slew of sites you can post your story on, depending on what it is. Here's a few sites I know of. If you have anymore, please post them! 

Fanfiction.net -- Good ol' FF.net. I think pretty much everyone knows of this one. 

Mediaminer.org -- This is a great place for mostly anime and some non-series fanficiton. Nice thing is, they really don't care if you post lemons. Fanfiction cares a bit more about the explicit material.

Adultfanfiction.net -- This place has a lot more options than FF.net and is a better place to suit the PWPs and erotic material. Not to mention you can write all sorts of fanfiction here, even about celebrities. 

Harrypotterfanfiction.com -- As it says, this is one of the largest communities for HP fanfiction. Seriously. they have over 50,000 stories!

Those are just some of the main sites I know of. But what other ones do you know of? 

Keep writing! I'll have another post in a few days! 

Later days!


Alright! Hey all it is now July 1st and  FanNoWriMo has officially started!  Best of luck to everyone!
26 hours until the start. How many of you are excited? 

Have you been writing up your plots? Or are you just gonna go with the flow? 

Just remember you have to write about 807 words a day. Otherwise you're all set. 

Nolife and I will post a few pick-me-up speeches throughout the month in order to keep you inspired and help you with anything else you might have questions on. 

Thanks so much for participating guys! This is awesome! 

Six Days >.>

Okay, we're nearing the start. 

Here's some clarifications: 

Role Plays can be used as long as you post us some evidence of the rp. 
We'd prefer it if you started a brand new fanfic and not one you've been working on previously.
Please post your link to FF.net (or wherever) whenever you post your first chapter--it doesn't have to be edited, that's for August. 
You don't have to have individual chapters if you don't want to. Your story can be one really, REALLY long oneshot.
Your goal is 25,000 words but you can pass that if you haven't finished your story. 
When you post your story on FF.net, please put "FanNoWriMo" as the first word in the summary and then give the rest of your summary. We just want this to get around. 

So, how's everyone doing? Are your creative juices flowing? Anyone have any ideas, or plot ideas worked out? 

Post your questions! We love to answer them!! It's a lot of fun!


 Depending on how you count, we have about 10 days to the official start of the first (hopefully annual) FanNoWriMo! Nows the time to start brainstorming. What fandom do you want to write from? What genre are you writing for? Who are your main characters? It's totally ok to tart writing notes to yourself and working out plot now, but not a sentence of the actual fic is to be written until July 1st.  You do not need to sign up for a fandom or pairing or anything, everyone can write whatever they want. Just please remember to use cuts when you post, and include appropriate warnings for entries that are not totally work/school safe.

Good luck, hope you're starting to get excited! ^^